Partner of the Brazilian development


Brasilizy is a consulting company specialized in the Franco-Brazilian market. We support each stage of your business, in Brazil and France, offering to our clients the best services from the creation of the growth strategy to the operational implementation.



Our office offers a wide range of services that maximise the success in your international project.


  • Development and expansion of companies and businesses in Brazil and France
  • Creation or acquisition of businesses/companies in Brazil and France
  • Import and Export
  • Market Research and Prospecting
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Strengthening of local teams (HR)
  • Monitoring and negotiation of contracts
  • Distribution network management
  • Technical support
  • Project development



Our teamwork culture is our strength, and our multidisciplinary team has recognized experience in the Franco-Brazilian market. The diversity and excellence of Brasilizy’s network of partners are the key to success for your project.


Our team is committed to provide customized solutions based on concrete methodologies.



Brasilizy’s consultants have developed in-depth knowledge and experience in the following areas:


  • Consulting in international business growth strategy and development of new projects
  • Support in local operational implementation
  • Legal advice/support in the acquisition or installation’s project, in Brazil or France
  • Legal advice in Export/Import matters
  • Consulting in Logistics and Distribution
  • Communication and Marketing Consulting




Brasilizy’s network of professionals was created based on the following values :


  • Integrity and independence : we work exclusively in the client’s interests
  • Quality : personalized advice and consultancy with tailored and transparency costings
  • Commitment : in the success of each mission
  • Authenticity : alignment of our behavior with our convictions
  • Empathy : Provide partners in our network of professionals with the help they need to achieve the best performance.